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Multi-Agency Transit Assistance/Mutual Aid Agreement

Status: Existing


Agreement between transit agencies and emergency service providers in NYSDOT Region 8 to provide assistance, share personnel, and share resources. This includes the use of transit vehicles and systems during an emergency. For instance, Coach USA may provide extra drivers and buses to help transport customers if MTA trains are out of service. In addition, transit radio systems may be used for communication with dispatched police officers when cell service is not available, and transit vehicles may be used for public evacuation. This agreement supports call-taking and dispatch services, disaster response, evacuation/re-entry management, and other emergency management efforts.


New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
Dutchess County Division of Public Transit
Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro-North Railroad
Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT)
Coach USA
Other Region 8 Mass Transit Agencies