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Interface: NYSBA Toll Collection Equipment - NYSBA Command Center

NYSBA Toll Collection Equipment to NYSBA Command Center Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

payment instructions (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Information provided to configure and support fixed point payment operations including pricing information.

payment transactions (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Detailed list of transactions including violations. Each transaction includes the date/time, vehicle/customer, and transaction amount. Additional information is included to support delayed payment and violation processing.

toll coordination (Existing)

This flow supports reciprocity between toll agencies/service centers by exchanging information that supports reconciliation of toll charges by customers that are enrolled with other toll service centers. In addition to toll charge reconciliation, exchanged information may include toll schedule information, customer information and other toll service information that is coordinated between toll agencies or centers.

toll data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Current toll schedules for different types of vehicles as well as advanced toll payment information.

toll data request (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Request made to obtain toll schedule information or pay a toll in advance. The request can be a subscription that initiates as-needed information updates as well as a one-time request for information.

toll probe data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Aggregate probe data derived from electronic toll collection operations. Data collected could include vehicle speeds and travel times for a given link or collection of links.

toll service change request (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Request to change pricing, modify restrictions, or modify operations of a toll road facility

toll service change response (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Response to toll service change requests indicating level of compliance with request.