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Interface: NYSBA Reversible Lanes - NYSBA Command Center

NYSBA Reversible Lanes to NYSBA Command Center Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

lane management control (Existing)

Information used to configure and control dynamic lane management systems.

lane management information (Existing)

System status of managed lanes including current operational state, violations, and logged information. This includes lane usage information including both traditional traffic flow measures and special information associated with managed lanes such as measured passenger occupancies. It also includes the operational status of the lane management equipment.

reversible lane control (Existing)

Control of automated reversible lane configuration and driver information systems.

reversible lane status (Existing)

Current reversible lane status including traffic sensor and surveillance data and the operational status and mode of the reversible lane control equipment.

traffic detector control (Existing)

Information used to configure and control traffic detector systems such as inductive loop detectors and machine vision sensors.

traffic detector data (Existing)

Raw and/or processed traffic detector data which allows derivation of traffic flow variables (e.g., speed, volume, and density measures) and associated information (e.g., congestion, potential incidents). This flow includes the traffic data and the operational status of the traffic detectors