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Interface: NYSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit - NYSTA TOPS (Thruway Over-Dimensional Permit System)

NYSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit to NYSTA TOPS (Thruway Over-Dimensional Permit System) Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

citation (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Report of commercial vehicle citation. The citation includes references to the statute(s) that was (were) violated. It includes information on the violator and the officer issuing the citation. A citation differs from a violation because it is adjudicated by the courts. The information may be provided as a response to a real-time query or proactively by the source. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

commercial vehicle violation notification (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Notification to enforcement agency of a violation. The violation notification flow describes the statute or regulation that was violated and how it was violated (e. g., overweight on specific axle by xxx pounds or which brake was out of adjustment and how far out of adjustment it was). A violation differs from a citation because it is not adjudicated by the courts.

targeted list (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

List of carriers, drivers, and/or vehicles of interest for enforcement purposes.