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Interface: NYSP Dispatch and Regional Command - New York OpenReach Servers

NYSP Dispatch and Regional Command to New York OpenReach Servers Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

data provision (Existing)

Data provision provides the source material for a publish-subscribe or query-retrieval data distribution scheme. This is the 1 of the 1:N data distribution architecture. This flow is a super-flow; it does not define data elements but is inclusive of any flow implemented using publish-subscribe or query-retrieval methods.

data publication (Existing)

Data publication includes those dialogs necessary to satisfy the publication portion of a data distribution architecture. At its core, it provides data, organized by the sender as a one-to-many. This is a super-flow, meaning that it does not define data elements and is inclusive of any flow that is design to use publish-subscribe.

incident information (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Notification of existence of incident and expected severity, location, time and nature of incident. As additional information is gathered and the incident evolves, updated incident information is provided. Incidents include any event that impacts transportation system operation ranging from routine incidents (e.g., disabled vehicle at the side of the road) through large-scale natural or human-caused disasters that involve loss of life, injuries, extensive property damage, and multi-jurisdictional response. This also includes special events, closures, and other planned events that may impact the transportation system.