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Interface: NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Traffic Management - NYSDOT Signal Pre-Emption System

NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Traffic Management to NYSDOT Signal Pre-Emption System Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

right-of-way request notification (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Notice that a request has occurred for signal prioritization, signal preemption, pedestrian call, multi-modal crossing activation, or other source for right-of-way.

signal control commands (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Control of traffic signal controllers or field masters including clock synchronization.

signal control status (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Operational and status data of traffic signal control equipment including operating condition and current indications.

signal fault data (Planned) Applicable ITS Standards

Faults reported by traffic signal control equipment.