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Interface: 511NY - PANYNJ PAPD Communications Center Dispatch

511NY to PANYNJ PAPD Communications Center Dispatch Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

incident information for public (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Report of current desensitized incident information prepared for public dissemination.

road network conditions (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Current and forecasted traffic information, road and weather conditions, and other road network status. Either raw data, processed data, or some combination of both may be provided by this flow. Information on diversions and alternate routes, closures, and special traffic restrictions (lane/shoulder use, weight restrictions, width restrictions, HOV requirements) in effect is included.

traffic images (Existing)

High fidelity, real-time traffic images suitable for surveillance monitoring by the operator or for use in machine vision applications. This flow includes the images. Meta data that describes the images is contained in another flow.