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Interface: WCDPWT Bee-Line Transit Vehicles - WCDPWT Bee-Line Bus Driver

WCDPWT Bee-Line Transit Vehicles to WCDPWT Bee-Line Bus Driver Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

driver updates (Existing)

Information provided to the driver including visual displays, audible information and warnings, and haptic feedback. The updates inform the driver about current conditions, potential hazards, and the current status of vehicle on-board equipment.

transit vehicle operator display (Existing)

Visual, audible, and tactile outputs to the transit vehicle operator including vehicle surveillance information, alarm information, vehicle system status, information from the operations center, and information indicating the status of all other on-board ITS services.

transit vehicle operator input (Existing)

Transit vehicle operator inputs to on-board ITS equipment, including tactile and verbal inputs. Includes authentication information, on-board system control, emergency requests, and fare transaction data.