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Interface: NYS DMV Accident Reporting System - NYSDOT Traffic Count Stations

NYS DMV Accident Reporting System to NYSDOT Traffic Count Stations Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

data collection and monitoring control (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Information used to configure and control data collection and monitoring systems.

local situation data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

This general flow represents the traffic, environmental, and emissions situation data that is collected from connected vehicles by an RSE, aggregated, filtered, and provided to a back-office center. It also includes data collected from ITS roadway equipment that provides current intersection and road network status for the area proximate to the RSE.

roadside archive data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

A broad set of data derived from roadside sensors that includes current traffic conditions, environmental conditions, and any other data that can be directly collected by roadside sensors. This data also indicates the status of the sensors and reports of any identified sensor faults.