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Interface: NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Residency - NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Vehicles

NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Residency to NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Vehicles Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

infrastructure conditions data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Current condition of pavement, bridges, culverts, signs, and other roadway infrastructure as measured by on-board sensors or read from infrastructure-based sensors. The data may include raw data or images (e.g., photo logs) that indicate the current status of the infrastructure.

maint and constr dispatch information (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Information used to dispatch maintenance and construction vehicles, equipment, and crews and information used to keep work zone crews informed. This information includes routing information, traffic information, road restrictions, incident information, environmental information, decision support information, maintenance schedule data, dispatch instructions, personnel assignments, alert notifications, and corrective actions.

maint and constr dispatch status (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Current maintenance and construction status including work data, operator status, crew status, and equipment status.

maint and constr vehicle conditions (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Vehicle diagnostics information that is collected, filtered, and selectively reported by a maintenance and construction vehicle. The information includes engine temperature, mileage, tire wear, brake wear, belt wear, and any warnings or alarms concerning the operational condition of the vehicle and ancillary equipment.

maint and constr vehicle location data (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

The current location and related status (e.g., direction and speed) of the maintenance/construction vehicle.

work zone status (Existing) Applicable ITS Standards

Current work zone status including current location (and future locations for moving work zones), impact to the roadway, required lane shifts, expected time(s) and duration of impact, anticipated delays, alternate routes, and suggested speed limits.