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Interface: Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services - PCPDPT Transit Dispatch Center

Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services to PCPDPT Transit Dispatch Center Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

emergency plan coordination (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Information that supports coordination of emergency management plans, continuity of operations plans, emergency response and recovery plans, evacuation plans, and other emergency plans between agencies. This includes general plans that are coordinated prior to an incident and shorter duration tactical plans that are prepared during an incident.

emergency transit service request (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Request to modify transit service and fare schedules to address emergencies, including requests for transit services to evacuate people from and/or deploy response agency personnel to an emergency scene. The request may poll for resource availability or request pre-staging, staging, or immediate dispatch of transit resources.

emergency transit service response (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Response indicating changes to transit service, fares, and/or restrictions that will be made and status of transit resources to be deployed to support emergency response and/or evacuation.

evacuation information (Existing) Selected Comm Solution

Evacuation instructions and information including evacuation zones, evacuation times, and reentry times.