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Interface: RCDPT Operations and Maintenance Facility - RCDPT TRIPS Vehicles

RCDPT Operations and Maintenance Facility to RCDPT TRIPS Vehicles Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

transit schedule information (Existing)

Current and projected transit schedule information used to initialize the transit vehicle with a vehicle assignment, monitor schedule performance, and develop corrective actions on-board.

transit vehicle conditions (Existing)

Operating conditions of transit vehicle (e.g., engine running, oil pressure, fuel level and usage). It includes status of other on-board systems including user displays, passenger counters, and security systems. This overall status information is also collected from unused (out of service) vehicles.

transit vehicle location data (Existing)

Current transit vehicle location and related operational conditions data provided by a transit vehicle.

transit vehicle schedule performance (Existing)

Estimated times of arrival and anticipated schedule deviations reported by a transit vehicle.