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NYSBA Website

Status: Existing


The New York State Bridge Authority website provides news, information, and links to other websites of interest for travelers.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA) OwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center
Personal Information Device

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Personal Emergency Notification'Personal Emergency Notification' provides the capability for travelers to report an emergency or activate a panic button to summon assistance. The personal mayday capability is provided by a portable device such as a smart phone.False
Personal Location Determination'Personal Location Determination' receives current location information and provides this information to other applications that use the location information to provide guidance and emergency notification services. It interfaces with and encapsulates positioning technology such as a GPS receiver that is embedded in the user's device.False
Personal Traveler Information Reception'Personal Traveler Information Reception' receives formatted traffic advisories, road conditions, traffic regulations, transit information, broadcast alerts, and other general traveler information broadcasts and presents the information to the traveler. The traveler information broadcasts are received by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.False
TIC Traveler Information Broadcast'TIC Traveler Information Broadcast' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, and weather information. The same information is broadcast to all equipped traveler interface systems and vehicles.False

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NYSBA Command Center