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NYSDOT Region 8 ITS Field Equipment




The NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC employs various types of ITS field equipment including CCTV, VMS, PVMS, and detectors for monitoring traffic conditions and providing traveler information.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
NYSDOT Region 8 Hudson Valley Transportation Management CenterOwnsPlanned


ITS Roadway Equipment
Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Security Monitoring Equipment

Interfaces To

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CSX Field Equipment
CSX RCC (Regional Control Center)
Metro-North Field Equipment
NYS DMV Accident Reporting System
NYSDOT 8-1 Maintenance Management System
NYSDOT Access Gates
NYSDOT Bridge Management System
NYSDOT Main Office Highway Data Services
NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Incident Data Archive
NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Traffic Management
NYSDOT Statewide Operations Center Archive Management System
NYSDOT STICC (Statewide Transportation Information and Coordination Center)
NYSDOT Third-Party Sensor Data Archive
NYSP Dispatch and Regional Command
Vehicles on the Road