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NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Social Media

Status: Existing


This inventory element represents all of the social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc...) used by NYSDOT Region 8 to provide transportation information to the public.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
NYSDOT Region 8 Hudson Valley Transportation Management CenterOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center
Data Distribution System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
TIC Emergency Traveler Information'TIC Emergency Traveler Information' provides emergency information to the public, including wide-area alerts and evacuation information. It provides emergency alerts, information on evacuation zones and evacuation requirements, evacuation destinations and shelter information, available transportation modes, and traffic and road conditions at the origin, destination, and along the evacuation routes. In addition to general evacuation information, personalized information including tailored evacuation routes, service information, and estimated travel times is also provided based on traveler specified origin, destination, and route parameters. Updated information is provided throughout the evacuation and subsequent reentry as status changes and plans are adapted.False