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City of New Rochelle DPW Maintenance Facility

Status: Existing


The City of New Rochelle DPW Maintenance Facility is the location where repairs are performed on department vehicles and equipment.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
City of New Rochelle Department of Public WorksOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Maint and Constr Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
MCM Field Equipment Maintenance'MCM Field Equipment Maintenance' provides overall management and support for maintenance of field equipment on a roadway system, right-of-way, parking area, transit stop, or other areas where field equipment exists. Services include repair and maintenance of ITS field equipment in these areas (e.g., detectors and other sensors, cameras, dynamic message signs, electronic toll collection equipment, electronic clearance equipment, weigh-in-motion sensors, etc.).False
MCM Vehicle Maintenance Management'MCM Vehicle Maintenance Management' monitors vehicle and equipment condition, tracks maintenance history, and schedules routine and corrective maintenance based on vehicle/equipment utilization and availability schedules.False

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City of New Rochelle DPW Headquarters
City of New Rochelle DPW Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
City of New Rochelle DPW Storage Facility
Private Road Maintenance Contractor ITS Field Equipment