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NYSBA Command Center - Center Functionality

Subsystem Description

This general physical object is used to model core capabilities that are common to any center.

Functional Object: Center Data Collection

'Center Data Collection' collects and stores information that is created in the course of center operations. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.

Functional Object: Center Data Subscription Management

'Center Data Subscription Management' manages data subscriptions for an end user. It provides access to a catalog of available data, manages the necessary user information and rules that govern the data subscriptions, supports communications with data providers to collect data per the subscription rules, and makes the data available to the end user. It provides the local user interface through which a user can specify and manage subscriptions. It supports different mechansims for collecting subscribed data for the end-user including one-time query-response as well as publish-subscribe services.