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511NY - Data Distribution System Functionality

Subsystem Description

The 'Data Distribution System' collects, processes, and distributes ITS data, connecting data producers with data consumers and facilitating data exchange.

Functional Object: DDS Data Access Management

'DDS Data Access Management' defines the access mechanisms, structures and restrictions for inbound (from providers) and outbound (to consumers) data.

Functional Object: DDS Data Collection and Aggregation

'DDS Data Collection and Aggregation' collects data 'deposits' from producers including meta data such as the generation location and time. It authenticates and validates the data deposits and logs all associated meta data. Authenticated, valid data is bundled based on information type and location and made available as data products to consumers who are interested in the data. It establishes delivery parameters for data consumers that subscribe based on parameters including content type and geographic region of interest and delivers data to consumers based on these parameters.