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CVO01-Carrier Operations and Fleet Management (TRANSCOM TO OTHER)

Status: Existing


This service package provides the capabilities to manage a fleet of commercial vehicles. The Fleet and Freight Management subsystem provides the route for a commercial vehicle by either utilizing an in-house routing software package or an Information Service Provider. Routes generated by either approach are constrained by hazardous materials and other restrictions (such as height or weight). Any such restricted areas are determined by the Commercial Vehicle Administration. A route would be electronically sent to the Commercial Vehicle with any appropriate dispatch instructions. The location of the Commercial Vehicle can be monitored by the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem and routing changes can be made depending on current road network conditions. Once a route has been assigned, changes must be coordinated between the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem and the Commercial Vehicle. Commercial Vehicle Drivers would be alerted to any changes in route from the planned route and given an opportunity to justify a rerouting. Any unauthorized or unexpected route changes by the Commercial Vehicle will register a route deviation alert with the Fleet and Freight Management subsystem. The Fleet and Freight Management subsystem can also notify local public safety agencies of the route deviation when appropriate (e.g., if there is safety sensitive HAZMAT being carried), by sending an alarm to the Emergency Management subsystem.

Includes Elements

TRANSCOM Operations Information Center (OIC)
Private Commercial Vehicle Management