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MC05-Roadway Maintenance and Construction (PDPW)

Status: Existing


This service package supports numerous services for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and construction on a roadway system or right-of-way. Maintenance services would include landscape maintenance, hazard removal (roadway debris, dead animals), routine maintenance activities (roadway cleaning, grass cutting), and repair and maintenance of both ITS and non-ITS equipment on the roadway (e.g., signs, traffic controllers, traffic detectors, dynamic message signs, traffic signals, CCTV, etc.). Environmental conditions information is also received from various weather sources to aid in scheduling maintenance and construction activities.


MC05-Roadway Maintenance and Construction (PDPW)

Includes Elements

City of Poughkeepsie DPW Central Garage
City of Poughkeepsie DPW Dispatch Facility
City of Poughkeepsie DPW Maintenance Vehicles