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Preserve, Rebuild, and Maintain Existing and Future Transportation Infrastructure


Improve resiliency and efficiency of the transportation system so that the system can better resist disruptions to services and facilities and recover from them when they occur. Undertake risk assessment of infrastructure around New York State by identifying the transportation assets that are most at risk.

Associated Performance Measures

Performance Measure
Achieve a State of Good Repair for all Federal-aid eligible pavements by 2040, where that is defined as "State of good repair is the condition state of the system that can be maintained in perpetuity at the lowest annual cost
Reduce the number of lane-miles of pavement on critical corridors rated Poor or IRI rated unacceptable by 20% by 2025
Reduce the number of lane-miles of pavement on other State Touring Routes rated Poor, or IRI rater Unacceptable by 15% by 2025
Reduce the number of locally owned structurally deficient bridges by 5% by 2025, and by 10% by 2040
Reduce the number of security-related incidents at bus stops and on transit vehicles operated by UCAT, and Kingston Citibus by 50% over the life of the Plan
Reduce the number of structurally deficient bridges on the State highway system by 10% by 2025, and 20% by 2040
Reduce deficiency of infrastructure