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NYSP TIM Unit (Maintenance and Construction Management)

Status: Existing


NYSP's TIM Unit handles maintenance and construction management assignments, utilizing NYSP vehicles to assist with monitoring and providing safety to active work zones.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
New York State Police (NYSP)

Physical Objects

Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE
Emergency Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
MCM Work Zone Management'MCM Work Zone Management' remotely monitors and supports work zone activities, controlling traffic through dynamic message signs (DMS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), gates and barriers, and informing other groups of activity (e.g., traveler information, traffic management, other maintenance and construction centers) for better coordination management. Work zone speeds, and delays, and closures are provided to the motorist prior to the work zones. This application provides control of field equipment in all maintenance areas, including fixed and portable field equipment supporting both stationary and mobile work zones.False
MCM Work Zone Safety Management'MCM Work Zone Safety Management' remotely monitors work zone safety systems that detect vehicle intrusions in work zones and warns crew workers and drivers of imminent encroachment. Crew movements are also monitored so that the crew can be warned of movement beyond the designated safe zone.False