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Status: Existing


This inventory item represents the specially equipped buses and other vehicles used to provide ParaTransit services to travelers who cannot use the Rockland County fixed-route bus system.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Rockland County Department of Public TransportationOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transit Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Transit Vehicle On-Board Maintenance'Transit Vehicle On-Board Maintenance' collects and processes transit vehicle maintenance data on-board the vehicle, including mileage and vehicle operating conditions. This maintenance information is provided to the management center and used to schedule future vehicle maintenance and repair.False
Transit Vehicle On-Board Paratransit Operations'Transit Vehicle On-board Paratransit Operations' forwards paratransit and flexible-route dispatch requests to the operator and forwards acknowledgements to the center. It coordinates with, and assists the operator in managing multi-stop runs associated with demand responsive transit services including paratransit. It collects transit vehicle passenger data and makes it available to the center.False
Transit Vehicle On-Board Trip Monitoring'Transit Vehicle On-Board Trip Monitoring' tracks vehicle location, monitors fuel usage, collects operational status (doors opened/closed, running times, etc.) and sends the collected, time stamped data to the Transit Management Center.False
Transit Vehicle Schedule Management'Transit Vehicle Schedule Management' monitors schedule performance and identifies corrective actions when a deviation is detected. It provides two-way communication between the transit vehicle and center, enabling the center to communicate with the vehicle operator and monitor on-board systems.False

Interfaces To

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RCDPT Operations and Maintenance Facility
RCDPT Para Transit Facility
RCDPT Transit Vehicle Operators