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New York State's 511 Traveler Information System provides useful, high quality, comprehensive, readily available and accessible travel information, for multiple modes of transportation, in a timely manner to its customers. The 511 service provides information on incidents, status, modal availability, travel speed and time, roadway conditions, congestion, work zones, weather, planned event, and tourism.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) OwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center
Personal Information Device
Data Distribution System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
DDS Data Access Management'DDS Data Access Management' defines the access mechanisms, structures and restrictions for inbound (from providers) and outbound (to consumers) data.False
DDS Data Collection and Aggregation'DDS Data Collection and Aggregation' collects data 'deposits' from producers including meta data such as the generation location and time. It authenticates and validates the data deposits and logs all associated meta data. Authenticated, valid data is bundled based on information type and location and made available as data products to consumers who are interested in the data. It establishes delivery parameters for data consumers that subscribe based on parameters including content type and geographic region of interest and delivers data to consumers based on these parameters.False
Personal Interactive Traveler Information'Personal Interactive Traveler Information' provides traffic information, road conditions, transit information, yellow pages (traveler services) information, special event information, and other traveler information that is specifically tailored based on the traveler's request and/or previously submitted traveler profile information. It also supports interactive services that support enrollment, account management, and payments for transportation services. The interactive traveler information capability is provided by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.False
Personal Local Route Guidance'Personal Local Route Guidance' provides multi-modal route planning and transition by transition route guidance capabilities that are self-contained on the personal device. It provides autonomous route guidance in the absence of real-time information or factors in real-time information provided by the infrastructure into its route selection and guidance algorithms if available. It also includes truly autonomous systems that are not configured to receive or process any external data. The route guidance capabilities are hosted on personal devices including smart phones, tablets, and personal computers.False
Personal Location Determination'Personal Location Determination' receives current location information and provides this information to other applications that use the location information to provide guidance and emergency notification services. It interfaces with and encapsulates positioning technology such as a GPS receiver that is embedded in the user's device.False
Personal Traveler Information Reception'Personal Traveler Information Reception' receives formatted traffic advisories, road conditions, traffic regulations, transit information, broadcast alerts, and other general traveler information broadcasts and presents the information to the traveler. The traveler information broadcasts are received by personal devices including personal computers and personal portable devices such as smart phones.False
Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance'Personal Trip Planning and Route Guidance' provides a personalized trip plan to the traveler. The trip plan is calculated based on preferences and constraints supplied by the traveler and provided to the traveler for confirmation. Coordination may continue during the trip so that the route plan can be modified to account for new information. Many equipment configurations are possible including systems that provide a basic trip plan to the traveler as well as more sophisticated systems that can provide transition by transition guidance to the traveler along a multi-modal route with transfers. Devices represented by this functional object include desktop computers at home, work, or at major trip generation sites, plus personal devices such as tablets and smart phones.False
TIC Connected Vehicle Traveler Info DistributionIn support of connected vehicle applications, 'TIC Connected Vehicle Traveler Info Distribution' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, and weather information. Location-specific or situation-relevant traveler information is sent to short range communications transceivers at the roadside.False
TIC Data Collection'TIC Data Collection' collects transportation-related data from other centers, performs data quality checks on the collected data and then consolidates, verifies, and refines the data and makes it available in a consistent format to applications that support operational data sharing between centers and deliver traveler information to end-users. A broad range of data is collected including traffic and road conditions, transit data, emergency information and advisories, weather data, special event information, traveler services, parking, multimodal data, and toll/pricing data. It also shares data with other transportation information centers.False
TIC Emergency Traveler Information'TIC Emergency Traveler Information' provides emergency information to the public, including wide-area alerts and evacuation information. It provides emergency alerts, information on evacuation zones and evacuation requirements, evacuation destinations and shelter information, available transportation modes, and traffic and road conditions at the origin, destination, and along the evacuation routes. In addition to general evacuation information, personalized information including tailored evacuation routes, service information, and estimated travel times is also provided based on traveler specified origin, destination, and route parameters. Updated information is provided throughout the evacuation and subsequent reentry as status changes and plans are adapted.False
TIC Interactive Traveler Information'TIC Interactive Traveler Information' disseminates personalized traveler information including traffic and road conditions, transit information, parking information, maintenance and construction information, multimodal information, event information, and weather information. Tailored information is provided based on the traveler's request in this interactive service.False
TIC Traveler Information Broadcast'TIC Traveler Information Broadcast' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, and weather information. The same information is broadcast to all equipped traveler interface systems and vehicles.False
TIC Traveler Telephone Information'TIC Traveler Telephone Information' services voice-based traveler requests for information that supports traveler telephone information systems like 511. It takes requests for traveler information, which could be voice-formatted traveler requests, dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF)-based requests, or a simple traveler information request, and returns the requested traveler information in the proper format. In addition to servicing requests for traveler information, it also collects and forwards alerts and advisories to traveler telephone information systems.False
TIC Trip Planning'TIC Trip Planning' provides pre-trip and en route trip planning services for travelers. It receives origin, destination, constraints, and preferences and returns trip plan(s) that meet the supplied criteria. Trip plans may be based on current traffic and road conditions, transit schedule information, and other real-time traveler information. Candidate trip plans are multimodal and may include vehicle, transit, and alternate mode segments (e.g., rail, ferry, bicycle routes, and walkways) based on traveler preferences. It also confirms the trip plan for the traveler and supports reservations and advanced payment for portions of the trip. The trip plan includes specific routing information and instructions for each segment of the trip and may also include information and reservations for additional services (e.g., parking) along the route.False

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