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PCPDPT Transit Dispatch Center

Status: Existing


The Putnam County Transit Dispatch Center is the operational headquarters for the dispatch and monitoring of all public transportation vehicles.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Putnam County Planning, Development, and Public TransportationOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Traffic Management Center
Transit Management Center
Emergency Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations'Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations' manages fixed route transit operations. It supports creation of schedules, blocks and runs for fixed and flexible route transit services. It allows fixed-route and flexible-route transit services to disseminate schedules and automatically updates customer service operator systems with the most current schedule information. It also supports automated dispatch of transit vehicles. Current vehicle schedule adherence and optimum scenarios for schedule adjustment are also provided. It also receives and processes transit vehicle loading data.False
Transit Center Security'Transit Center Security' monitors transit vehicle operator or traveler activated alarms received from on-board a transit vehicle. It supports transit vehicle operator authentication and provides the capability to remotely disable a transit vehicle. It also includes the capability to alert operators and police to potential incidents identified by these security features.False
Transit Evacuation Support'Transit Evacuation Support' manages transit resources to support evacuation and subsequent reentry of a population in the vicinity of a disaster or other emergency. It supports coordination of regional evacuation plans, identifying the transit role in a regional evacuation and identifying transit resources that would be used. During an evacuation, it coordinates the use of transit and school bus fleets, supporting evacuation of those with special needs and the general population. Transit service and fare schedules are adjusted and updated service and fare information is made available through traveler information systems.False

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National Transit Database Data Archive
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