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NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Traffic Management




HVTMC Traffic Management provides traffic advisories and other information to partner agencies and the public using various ITS systems.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
NYSDOT Region 8 Hudson Valley Transportation Management CenterOwnsPlanned


Traffic Management Center
Maint and Constr Management Center
Transportation Information Center
Archived Data System
Emergency Management Center
Parking Management System
Commercial Vehicle Administration Center
Archived Data User System
Data Distribution System

Interfaces To

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CCHD Facility
CCHD ITS Field Equipment
City of New Rochelle DPW Headquarters
City of Poughkeepsie DPW Dispatch Facility
City of White Plains TDP ITS Field Equipment
City of White Plains TDP Traffic Management
City of White Plains Traffic Signal System
Coach USA Information Service Provider
Coach USA/Rockland Coaches Headquarters
Coach USA/Short Line Headquarters
Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response
Dutchess LOOP Information Service Provider
Event Promoters
LHTL Decision Support System
LHTL ITS Field Equipment
LHTL Parking Management
LHTL Transit Agencies
Local Emergency Dispatch
Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Local Media
New York OpenReach Servers
NYSBA Command Center
NYSBA ITS Field Equipment
NYSDOT 8-1 Maintenance ITS Field Equipment
NYSDOT 8-1 Maintenance Management System
NYSDOT Access Gates
NYSDOT Highway Work Permit System
NYSDOT IT Department and IT Personnel
NYSDOT ITS Field Equipment
NYSDOT Maintenance Residencies
NYSDOT Public Information Office
NYSDOT Region 8 Flood Monitoring System
NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Operations Personnel
NYSDOT Region 8 HVTMC Speed Monitoring PVMS
NYSDOT Region 8 ITS Field Equipment
NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Personnel
NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Residency
NYSDOT Region 8 Maintenance Vehicles
NYSDOT Region 8 Traffic Signal Maintenance
NYSDOT Regional Signal Shop
NYSDOT Signal Pre-Emption System
NYSDOT Social Media
NYSDOT STICC (Statewide Transportation Information and Coordination Center)
NYSDOT Traffic Signal Asset Management System
NYSDOT Website
NYSDOT Weigh-In-Motion system
NYSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
NYSP Dispatch and Regional Command
NYSP Maintenance and Construction Management
NYSTA Fleet Management System
NYSTA Infrastructure Inventory and Inspection System (IIIS)
NYSTA ITS Field Equipment
NYSTA Lane Closure Reporting System
NYSTA Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel
NYSTA Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
NYSTA Occupancy and Work Permit System
NYSTA Operations and Maintenance
NYSTA Social Media
NYSTA Statewide Operations Center (TSOC)
OCDPW Headquarters
Orange County Division of Emergency Management
Other DOTs TMCs in CT, NJ, and PA (e.g. Bridgeport, Hartford CT, Northern NJ Ops, PENNDOT)
Other TMCs in NY (e.g. NYSDOT Region 1, 10, 11, NYSBA, NYSTA)
PANYNJ PAPD Communications Center Dispatch
Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services
RCOFES Emergency Management
TRANSCOM Middleware
TRANSCOM OpenReach Servers
TRANSCOM Operations Information Center
Transit Orange
UCAT Dispatch Facility
Ulster County Emergency Services Department
WCDPWT ITS Field Equipment
WCDPWT Maintenance and Construction Management
WCDPWT Maintenance Facility
WCDPWT Traffic Management
Westchester County Office of Emergency Management
Westchester County QuickNews